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At J.M. Tyres, you'll find an expert team of vehicle technicians specialising in tyre fitting in Birmingham and Tamworth.

Our tyre fitting service caters to all types of vehicles, from cars and vans, to commercial and agricultural. We really are a one-stop shop for all your tyre needs; tyre fitting, tyre repair and tyre replacements will all be taken care of with precision, speed and efficiency.

We even offer a 24 hour mobile fitting service for customers in and around Tamworth and Birmingham. So if you're stranded and in need of a comprehensive tyre service get in touch with the team at J.M. Tyres Ltd.

J.M. Tyres Ltd - Your first port of call for tyre repair, fitting and retail


Whether you have an enquiry or

an emergency, call us today on

Birmingham: 0121 322 2232

Tamworth: 01827 62626

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